LinkedIn Marketing for Businesses

Use the advantages of social business networks with LinkedIn Marketing

Social media connects us and provides insights into trends, news, and personal events. In addition to classics like Facebook, business networks such as Xing and LinkedIn have also established themselves in recent years. These platforms make it easy to stay in touch with business contacts, share company news, and present the employer brand within the framework of employer branding. In the context of B2B Marketing , you can target precisely the individuals that your company has as its focus audience.

LinkedIn Marketing vs. Xing

While Xing dominates the German-speaking region among business networks, LinkedIn is the international counterpart. LinkedIn has over 500 million members in more than 200 countries, making it significantly more international compared to Xing. LinkedIn’s international orientation is reflected not only in its user base but also in its features. Company profiles can be managed in multiple languages simultaneously, a major advantage for companies with an international clientele. This makes LinkedIn marketing particularly suitable for companies operating internationally or those looking to expand.

Utilize LinkedIn Marketing to Achieve Your Goals

LinkedIn offers advertisers various formats and opportunities within the scope of business network advertising.

Promote Company Profile

Showcase your company profile to potential employees and customers. Who are you, what is your USP (unique selling point), and what products or services do you offer? Link your LinkedIn ads to your company website and drive qualified traffic to your landing pages.

Attract Employees as Brand Ambassadors

One unique aspect of LinkedIn is its unusually personal character for a business network. Users share not only business-related but also personal information on LinkedIn. The features on LinkedIn resemble those of Facebook: users can share, like, or comment on posts. Additionally, users can follow individuals personally. Therefore, leverage the reach of your employees and recruit them as brand ambassadors—this way, you establish an emotional connection to your company.

Employer Branding

Target job seekers and potential employees effectively and position yourself as an attractive employer in your region. LinkedIn’s “Talent Insights” tool optimally supports you in finding suitable employees. The tool provides comprehensive insights into where you can find suitable candidates, their educational background, and the industries they work in. Additionally, the tool offers useful information about your own company and competitive comparisons. With LinkedIn advertising for job postings, you can reach your desired candidates through specific targeting options.

Event Marketing

Whether it’s a networking event or a trade show exhibition, with LinkedIn ads, you can reach your desired audience and invite them to attend your events. Here, too, the international orientation of LinkedIn is advantageous, as trade shows often take place worldwide, allowing you to reach more potential visitors with LinkedIn ads.

Content Marketing

Share interesting news articles or posts from your blog. With targeted and professional Content Marketing you can attract attention and position your company as an industry expert. LinkedIn advertising for your content ensures better visibility of your content on the web.

Rely on Professional Support for LinkedIn Marketing

Reach your contacts where they are daily engaged in their business interests. Through targeted audience targeting, you minimize wastage and offer added value to interested customers.

As an online marketing agency with expertise in Social Networks , we are happy to support you in planning and implementing your LinkedIn marketing activities. Together, we’ll devise a suitable LinkedIn marketing strategy using various components. Feel free to schedule a free consultation appointment!

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