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Online Marketing Trainings and Workshops

The biggest challenge in online marketing is to always stay up to date. The field of online marketing can be divided into a variety of marketing disciplines – each with different goals, measures, and tools. We explain in detail which marketing channels are relevant for your company and how you can use them effectively. We also show you which online tools can help you evaluate your measures and how to correctly interpret the key figures. From the basics to tips and tricks for experienced marketing managers, we offer everything that the marketing heart desires. Accompanied by interactive case studies, we convey the content and topics concisely and in an illustrative and memorable way.

You can book all our marketing trainings and workshops individually – we discuss dates, content, and location with you in advance and tailor them to the personal needs of your employees.

For specific questions or support during an online project, we offer comprehensive marketing consulting services. You can turn to our team of marketing experts with your concerns and rely on prompt and competent feedback at any time.

Defining Online Marketing Goals

For a successful and, above all, measurable online marketing strategy, it is essential to first define and document marketing goals. Based on this, the right measures can be selected and implemented. Whether it’s brand building, revenue generation through your own online shop, or other goals related to your target audience – in our workshops, you will learn about marketing channels such as Google Ads or SEO and how to effectively use them within your strategy.

Online Marketing Measures and Quick Wins

In our SEO Workshops or Google Ads training sessions, you will learn specific measures that will help you achieve results in a short time. Together, we identify which Types of Marketing-Content align with your goals and provide you with reliable online tools and resources to manage and monitor your marketing activities. This approach aims to implement a sustainable online marketing strategy.

Understanding and Interpreting Marketing Metrics

Reporting in marketing is essential – You can only evaluate whether your marketing measures and activities are meaningful and successful based on relevant metrics. In our marketing workshops, you will learn the significance of SEO– and SEA-metrics, and we will provide detailed explanations on how to interpret them.

Marketing Consultation: From Strategy to Implementation

As a specialized agency, we are here to support you throughout your entire online project – whether it’s a website relaunch, promoting your webshop, or interpreting your analytics data. Arrange your desired consultation package with us and rely on the expertise of our in-house specialists.

Customized Marketing Consultation Tailored to Your Needs

We don’t offer one-size-fits-all marketing solutions – our experts provide individualized consultation, aligning with your company goals and marketing interests.

Whether you’re an in-house marketing specialist with a keen interest in specific and in-depth topics or a leader who desires a “big picture” perspective, we discuss your priorities with you and tailor a personalized training for you and your team. The focus on specific content is, of course, in your hands.

Feel free to reach out to us and schedule your free initial consultation!

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