Google Analytics Consulting

For those who operate a website or online shop, attracting many visitors and qualified traffic is usually a top priority. To be able to track and monitor this effectively, comprehensive website tracking is necessary. Google provides its users with Google Analytics, a versatile and comprehensive tool that allows for precise insights.

What are the benefits of Google Analytics?

The biggest advantage of using Google Analytics is that website owners receive free insights into their website statistics. These can be linked with other Google services and thereby extensively utilized. Google Analytics, for example, shows you which visitors came to your website through which channel and how long they stayed there. With comprehensive Google Analytics consulting, interpreting these metrics correctly and using them for your strategy planning becomes easier.

The Analytics tool is continuously developed by Google and offers extensive analysis options with high user-friendliness. Website potentials, as well as errors that may be due to technical adjustments, can be easily identified through Google Analytics evaluations.

For your personal reporting, dashboards can be created where the most important data is visible at a glance. Additionally, it is possible to export the selected data for a specific period, thus saving it offline as well.


Customize Google Analytics to Suit Your Needs

For those familiar with how to effectively use Google Analytics and its various functions and customization options, it can be used as a comprehensive and website-specific web tracking tool.

Analytics metrics can be displayed on a daily basis and can be broken down by regions or device access, for example. This allows for an easy comparison with metrics from the previous year or month. Among other things, the numbers provide insights into the number and origin of website visitors, bounce rates, and even access and impressions on individual keywords.

If you own an online shop or run ads on Google Ads for your business, Google Analytics also offers specific options for revenue analysis through e-commerce tracking.


Certified Google Analytics Consulting

As a registered Google Partner Agency with Analytics certification, we are the right partner for questions regarding Google Analytics.


We are happy to support you in the application of Google Analytics and advise and train you on its use and analysis. With us, you’ll learn important metrics and reporting options, as well as some tips and tricks. Interpret your metrics independently and use them to evaluate feedback for your company website.

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