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Google Ads: Online advertising that reaches your customers!

Search engine marketing (SEA), along with search engine optimization (SEO), is an important tool to make your sales channel more successful. SEA also offers a clear advantage over SEO – you can generate qualified traffic for your website in the shortest possible time. The interaction of SEO and SEA contributes to the long-term success of your company and provides you with significant competitive advantages on the Internet.

What is SEA?

SEA is paid advertising on search engines, such as Google. By booking relevant keywords, the associated text ads are displayed to your potential customers in the search engine results pages. By promoting strategically, you avoid unnecessary waste and thus reach only the people who are really interested in your products, services, and company. SEA gives you the opportunity to be prominently positioned on Google and thus reach as many potential customers as possible.

How does SEA work?

Optimizing and including suitable keywords in your SEA account play an extremely important role in ensuring that your text ads are displayed for the relevant search queries and encourage users to make a purchase decision.

The design features of a text ad include the headline, description text, and the displayed link. In SEA, there is also the possibility to expand the ad text with sales arguments, present additional information about the advertised product, and thus provide the user with more information than with a classic organic search result.

The position of the ad within the rankings depends on the relevance of the ad, the CTR (click-through rate), the bid price offered, and the quality of the landing page. The CTR indicates the ratio between the frequency of an ad impression and the actual clicks. So, you only pay when your ad is actually clicked. This system is called PPC (Pay per Click).

In addition to the classic function, SEA also offers numerous other functions so that you can reach your target group quickly and efficiently. These include sales channels such as Google Shopping, Blog, Gmail or YouTube, through which you can significantly increase your sales and brand awareness. The online market is continuously growing and becoming more and more important. Use this potential and advertise with SEA. As an experienced SEA agency, we support you and get the most out of it for you.

Why is SEA so important?

Search engine advertising allows you to quickly contact potential customers. Seasonal conditions or short-term events often cannot be advertised in the search engine as desired using SEO alone.
Reach your target audience directly and immediately with paid search ads. This is how you can easily and quickly promote discount campaigns and special events.

Keyword advertising is just the beginning!

Have you ever wondered where the advertising at the begining and during YouTube videos comes from? Banner advertising on websites? The banners also known as “tracking” advertising or retargeting or remarketing? All of this is Google. By dividing it into search and display networks, we tailor your SEA to text and image ads. You can also place advertising in videos and on selected Google partner websites. We talk to visitors to your site who have not yet purchased again about remarketing. This way, Google Ads ensures maximum attention for you.

Alongside your success, the quality factor is the most important metric

You have heard about traffic growth and more conversions, right?

But do you also know the way to get there? Minimal improvements in the quality factor significantly reduce your cost per click, move you further up – and thus bring more traffic and sales to your business.

Do you want qualified Google Ads traffic?

We are available for meetings in Nuremberg or online worldwide and welcome you to discuss your Google Ads strategy. Let’s find out together how your SEA can become more efficient!

Do you have questions about SEA or would you like to receive direct advice from us?

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