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Products that require explanation, special target groups and multi-stage, complex purchasing decision processes are key challenges that need to be taken into account in marketing for business-to-business (B2B) companies. While traditional sales channels such as field sales and trade shows have long been relied upon, there is now an increasing awareness of the importance of a comprehensive digital online strategy.

The buying center’s target groups are also getting younger and younger and are increasingly digital natives who use the entire spectrum of the Internet to obtain information. It is therefore crucial for companies to reach their target audiences where they reside in the digital world. Whether through B2B SEO (Search Engine Optimization), B2B SEA (Search Engine Advertising), Content Marketing or Social Media Marketing.

Success Factors in B2B Online Marketing:
More visibility, good content, more leads

In addition to having good search engine visibility, a comprehensive use of various channels is crucial for successful online marketing in the B2B environment. For example, to reach decision-makers online, B2B companies also need to communicate through social media or have a mobile marketing strategy in place. Providing detailed information on your own website is also crucial, as it is one of the most frequently used sources of information. You can optimize this content with relevant keywords to achieve a higher ranking in search engines, resulting in key factors for sustainable success in digital media.


Success Factors in B2B Online Marketing:

Holistic B2B Online Marketing Approach at adojo

adojo GmbH assists you at every stage of the online marketing process. With years of experience and expertise in the B2B sector, we are able to translate the industry’s specificities and challenges into an effective digital strategy. Our services range from Workshops and Consulting to B2B SEO, B2B SEA, Content– and Social Media Marketing, all the way to success monitoring through reporting and analysis: Measures for holistic B2B online marketing
  • Workshops and Consulting: Digital marketing measures often need to be tailored to the specific industry of the company. Through collaborative workshops and individual consulting, we develop a customized strategy for digital media with you.
  • B2B SEO and B2B SEA: Search engine optimization and search engine advertising are two of our core competencies, and also measures through which you can successfully generate digital visibility and reach.
  • Content Marketing: Search engine visibility and high-quality content go hand in hand in a sustainable online marketing strategy and should be aligned with each other. adojo supports you here both in planning and in creation.
  • Social Media Marketing and E-Mail Marketing: These measures complement the digital marketing package. They offer the opportunity to reach the target groups even in their leisure time, help with employer branding in times of skills shortages, and keep your target audience up to date. Especially communication and advertising through business channels such as Xing and LinkedIn should not be underestimated here.
The marketing objectives, measures, and results in online marketing for business-to-business (B2B) companies often differ significantly from traditional digital marketing and require special experience and expertise. adojo understands these requirements and is the right partner for you if you are looking for a B2B online marketing agency. Located in the heart of Nuremberg, the agency has been a point of contact for small, medium-sized, and large companies in the metropolitan region and throughout Germany for years. Feel free to take a look at our references  or schedule a non-binding consultation appointment!
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