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Benefits of Advertising on Instagram

If you’re a social media enthusiast, Instagram with its square colorful images is not unfamiliar. As the name suggests, Instagram has established itself as an instant platform that allows us to share images and impressions from the here and now. Whether it’s lunch at your favorite restaurant or the panorama from your last hiking trip. The posted images capture moods and emotions and share them with a network of follower.

On this particularly emotional network, advertisers also like to share their products with a trend-savvy audience. The special thing about Instagram Ads is that they fit seamlessly into the feed and therefore appear almost organic to the user. Advertising on Instagram offers you and your company decisive advantages:

  • Close proximity to the target audience
    A user who is active on Instagram shows specific interests and behaviors. Advertisers thereby have the opportunity to narrow down target groups and minimize scatter loss.
  • Advertising that doesn’t feel like advertising
    When does advertising bother us? Mostly when it doesn’t seem relevant to us, doesn’t emotionally touch us, or even annoys us. Instagram offers the opportunity to naturally integrate creative advertising into the news feed.
  • Precise tracking of numbers
    Through the Ads Manager, precise information about the reach of the ads and their results can be obtained – social media advertising and its successes are very measurable!

How does influencer marketing on Instagram work?

In addition to the classic image ads, Instagram also offers another very modern form of online marketing – collaborations with influential Instagram bloggers, also known as influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing can be generally defined as a classic marketing cooperation: Popular bloggers with a large following (fans on Instagram) are provided with products by companies. They present these in their blog and feed posts as favorite products. This product-for-media strategy is particularly suitable for companies offering products in the trend and lifestyle sector.

Would you like to try out holistic creative social media marketing concepts that are perfectly tailored to your company and your marketing goals? Contact us and arrange a non-binding initial consultation with our social media experts. Even if you dare to venture into the colorful world of influencer marketing, we will find the right Instagram bloggers and influencers for you who are perfect for you and your target audience!

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