Social Media Glossary

Social Media Marketing is known as a modern marketing discipline characterized by dynamism and constantly evolving developments. You can find the terms used along with their explanations in our Social Media Glossary for reference.

Corporate Blog

A corporate blog refers to the weblog of a company where various content such as company news or topic-related articles are published. This online blog serves as a communication tool for companies and can function as a measure of Content Marketing.

What is a Hashtag (#) Used For?

Hashtags (#) used in social media are often associated with a specific topic and serve as a kind of internal search term. By clicking on the hashtag, users can view all posts that have been marked with it.


An influencer is a personality who has a significant presence on various social media platforms and exerts a certain influence over fans (followers) due to their popularity. Collaborations with influencers (influencer marketing) are used by companies as a social media marketing strategy.

Distinction between Owned, Paid, and Earned Media

To better explain the terms Owned Media, Paid Media, and Earned Media, consider the following table:

Owned Media

Channels maintained by the company itself

 Examples: Blog, website, Twitter account

Paid Media

Paid media to amplify a channel

Examples: Display advertising, sponsorship

Earned Media

Recommendation and dissemination by users/customers

Examples: Reviews, virality

What does Social Bookmarking mean?

So-called social bookmarks can be understood as “internet bookmarks” that can be accessed by users via specific portals.

What is Social Advertising?

Social advertising encompasses online advertising measures on social media platforms such as Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, collaborations with influencers and bloggers, or online advertising on other platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn.

Was ist Social SEO
Social SEO broadly means that social media measures become part of the SEO strategy, with social networks being strategically integrated to achieve higher rankings in search engines.

User Generated Content

User-generated content refers to content (especially images) created and uploaded by users or (potential) customers themselves.

Viral Marketing
Viral marketing in social media marketing refers to the rapid spread of content online, reaching a large audience and bringing about a certain PR effect.

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