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4 Reasons Why Social Media is Relevant for B2B Companies

It often appears that social media platforms like Facebook are solely for maintaining private contacts and thus hold no relevance for online marketing in B2B companies. However, there are some reasons why social media activity should not only be an option for B2C, but also for B2B companies and why advantages can be derived from it.

1. Comprehensive Online Presence Across All Channels

When it comes to cross-channel presence in online marketing, social platforms are indispensable today. Presence on social media can offer decisive advantages for many B2B companies, particularly concerning Reputation and Image.

Do you, as a company, know what is being said about you online and where? Potential customers discuss your products and brands – and it should not be overlooked that important B2B decision-makers also spend their private time on social media. Therefore, it is important for companies to maintain a presence on social platforms and participate in discussions.

2. Social Proof as a Trust-Building Element

Trust is often the first step toward most purchase decisions. Trust-building elements that support companies in their „trust-building“ activities are abundant online. In this context, Google reviews, Trusted Shops seals, and customer references are just a few examples.

In the realm of referral and reference marketing, social media presence plays a crucial role. A profile on social platforms makes the brand appear authentic and offers many opportunities for reviews and interaction reviews and interaction.

3. Expanding Your Business Network and Employer Branding

When it comes to social networks and social media, many think primarily of Facebook and other privately used platforms like Pinterest. However, there are now also popular and globally used Business Networks, the most well-known of which are the LinkedIn platform and the German-speaking network Xing.

Online channels like these offer opportunities to stay in touch with business partners, meet new contacts, and maintain relationships, as well as write and review group and forum posts. Additionally, platforms like LinkedIn and Xing are significant for Employer Branding geht, as potential applicants can inform themselves about companies on online profiles and read reviews from current and former employees.

4. Positioning as an Expert Through Professional Content Marketing

Many B2B providers think extensively about Content-Marketing and offer informative posts on specialized topics on their company blogs. Unfortunately, potential readers often do not notice this content if it is only on the company’s website. On social platforms, however, such posts can be shared publicly and discussed, making them accessible to a broader audience. This is sometimes referred to as “virality.” Presence on social media networks allows companies to share their high-quality content and position themselves as industry leaders. Professional content marketing enables the presentation of one’s expertise and supports a comprehensive overall marketing strategy.


Social media marketing for B2B companies is especially suitable in the form of Networking und Content Marketing. Not all social media platforms are recommended for B2B, nor do they all offer the same benefits. Most companies focus on Business Platforms like Xing and LinkedIn, which now offer extensive opportunities for advertisers and social media specialists. Whether and how social media measures are specifically relevant for B2B companies remains a very individual decision. Therefore, the opportunities and risks of using social media channels should be analyzed and discussed in detail within the company.

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